Flotation System and Protein Skimmer

Water used in aquariums and aquacultures is found to form a layer of pollution which consists of fish impurities, excess of food and decomposing matter. This pollution causes algae and cyanobacteria bloom, deteriorating the water quality and eventually affecting fish health. Skimming or foam fractionation, seems to be an efficient method to reduce protein-based waste before putting the system at risk.

The protein skimmer principle is based on the tendency of organic waste to be adsorbed to air bubbles. Specifically, the heavily loaded aquarium water reacts in a column of air bubbles, electrically charged pollutants (bipolar molecules as proteins) are attached to air bubbles and then accumulated as foam which is formed when a liquid pass through a surfactant. Eventually, this foam is collected and removed. The contact time seems to be critical in this process.

Water ApS designs flotation systems to reduce unwanted organic material from both salt and fresh water. Our floating systems reduce nitrate content, total ammonium nitrogen and organic compounds since they are adhered to foam. Flotation systems are available in several sizes from small applications to large recirculation systems.

Water ApS has developed its expertise in manufacturing compact, no maintenance requirement and economically robust protein skimmer and flotation systems coping with your needs.