Experimental Water Treatment Design

Fig: Schematic description of the quasi-collimated beam irradiation apparatus.

Water ApS has the knowledge and the facilities to conduct water analysis for system compatibility and chemical analysis. Thus, it is ensured that the equipment designed for your application will perform as promised.

Water quality parameters and the environmental contaminants are analyzed according to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which relies on published literature approved by the scientific community. UV (collimated beam set up) and ozone experiments are performed in a bench scale.

Water ApS has extensive experience in water analysis, data treatment and reporting. We are committed to provide our clients with outstanding service, quality and support.


  • Ultraviolet Transmittance (UVT%) measurement of water
  • Selection of optimal UV reactor design


  • Ozone dose determination for target pollutant removal
  • Ozone reduction kinetics
  • Effect of ozone dose on light absorbance

Chlorinated by-product formation in water treated with UV and Ozone

  • Trihalomethane (TTHM) formation potential
  • UV before chlorination
  • Ozone pretreatment to chlorination